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Team Valeria at the 2024 Falmouth Road Race

The Valeria Foundation is participating in the Falmouth Road Race for the third time this year. We are deeply grateful to the organizers of the FRR for supporting us with 20 starting positions. This enables us to further advance our mission and make a difference.

The Falmouth Road Race, one of the most significant running events in the USA, annually attracts thousands of runners and spectators to the picturesque town of Falmouth, Massachusetts. With its unique course that runs along the Cape Cod coast, the race offers not only a challenging distance for participants but also breathtaking views and an unparalleled atmosphere. For the Valeria Foundation, participating in this prestigious event is a central element of their annual activities.

For the past three years, the Valeria Foundation has participated in the Falmouth Road Race, building a remarkable presence during this time. The support from the organizers, who have provided the Foundation with 20 starting positions, is a clear sign of recognition and appreciation for the Foundation's work and goals. These starting spots enable the Foundation to assemble a strong and committed team of runners who not only take on the physical challenge of the race but also engage as fundraisers to collect funds for the Foundation's valuable projects.

The importance of participating in the Falmouth Road Race for the Valeria Foundation cannot be overstated. It is not just about promoting physical fitness and collecting donations but also about creating awareness for the Foundation's goals and concerns. Through presence at the race and active community involvement, the Foundation increases its visibility and establishes important contacts with supporters and partners.

We are deeply grateful to our runners, fundraisers, and all friends of the Valeria Foundation in the USA for their tireless support. Their dedication and passion make it possible for us to represent Team Valeria as a strong and united squad. On August 18, 2024, we look forward to participating in the Falmouth Road Race with a large and strong Team Valeria. This day will not only be a testament to our collective efforts but also a vibrant expression of our hope and commitment to the goals of the Valeria Foundation.