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Partnership with the N=1 Collaborative

The Valeria Foundation is entering into a partnership with the N=1 Collaborative to provide children with orphan diseases hope and individualized treatment approaches. Together, we promote the exchange and cooperation between university hospitals and specialists to revolutionize the treatment of these diseases through personalized medicine and the sharing of experiences. Our goal is to sustainably improve medical research and patient care through honesty, transparency, and the courage to explore new paths.

The Valeria Foundation aims to give children with orphan diseases a voice and hope. In this endeavor, we have entered into a partnership with the N=1 Collaborative, a pioneering organization in the field of personalized medicine. The members of the N=1 Collaborative dedicate themselves to developing individualized treatment approaches for orphan diseases, focusing on the specific genetic patterns and needs of each patient in their research and clinical practice. Their goal is to create tailored therapies by integrating and analyzing comprehensive data, which are directly aligned with the individual requirements of the patients.

The partnership between the Valeria Foundation and the N=1 Collaborative focuses on establishing a network for the exchange of knowledge and cooperation between university hospitals and the leading PIs/neurologists treating children with orphan diseases. Our joint goal is to create an environment where the rapid exchange of data and experiences is not only encouraged but seen as a cornerstone of medical research and treatment. We firmly believe that progress and innovation in the treatment of orphan diseases can be accelerated through collective efforts and the sharing of insights.

A central element of our collaboration is the realization that there is still much undiscovered potential in the treatment of orphan diseases. Progress is only possible if we are willing to leave known paths and explore innovative treatment approaches. This requires a culture of openness, where honesty and transparency about successes as well as failures prevail. The immediate and open sharing of these experiences among the involved professionals is essential to learn from every step and continuously improve treatment approaches for children with orphan diseases.

By joining forces, the Valeria Foundation and the N=1 Collaborative strengthen their commitment to bridging the gap between scientific research, clinical application, and the families affected by orphan diseases. Together, we are committed to expanding medical possibilities and providing children suffering from these poorly understood and often overlooked diseases with hope and an improved quality of life.